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Say Hi Sunshine !

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

While summer is the time we all want to be hairless, truly the best time to start is in the fall! To ensure you're bump free this bikini season make sure you come in for a consultation some time before the spring! We want to get started and get as many sessions in as possible before the sun returns with its harmful UV rays!

While we can safely do laser during all the seasons...

We want to know that you have avoided and will avoid direct sun exposure for about 2 weeks! Also make sure to lather on that SPF, especially in your treated areas! If you have any vacations or trips planned, tell us! Please be honest with your technicians, as it is for your skin's health!

Remember to

  • Stay cool the first 24 - 48 hour

  • Use Aloe Vera!

  • Avoid harsh products or fragrances directly after your treatment!

Aftercare is just as important to ensure your skin stays healthy & that our treatments are effective!

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