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How does de Happy Intimate work?

Happy intimate peel comprises the most powerful proven actives for skin rejuvenation in the anogenital area,
acting on the level of both the epidermis and dermis. As result the product initiates the desquamation of the
epidermis and stimulates new collagen formation.  Combination treatment with the Blending and
Bleaching  cream  maintains the lightening result.

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What is the "Pain-Less System"?

Innovation developed by Skin Tech  uses the combination of  several acids and a modified dose of phenol to reduce discomfort during application. Phenol is well documented for its use as an anesthetic. Phenol is also well-known as an antiseptic, a secondary effect that can be used beneficially in the intimate area.

Are there any limits
to the use
HAPPY intimate such as gender or age?

The product can be used to perform treatment for both men and women; there are no age limitations ; no studies have been performed on children under 18.


What are the results of treatment with the
HAPPY intimate Brightening treatment ?

Clinical outcomes are uniformization of skin color and skin tightening.
Patients expectation are labial brightening, genital beautification,
improvement in the appearance and feeling of skin.