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Are you tired of shaving and waxing? Would you like to avoid razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and acne-like breakouts when you shave? Laser hair removal does all that and more.

Experience a 70% to 90% permanent removal of unwanted hair by laser technique in just six treatments and free yourself from the constant and endless cycle of shaving, waxing, or plucking. We utilize multiple laser technologies so we can safely treat all skin types and hair textures. Our licensed laser technicians will customize a laser hair removal program that provides you with the safest, most effective results possible.


Laser hair removal on the back can be beneficial for several reasons:

Long-lasting results: Laser hair removal offers long-lasting results compared to traditional methods like shaving or waxing. With each session, the hair follicles are progressively weakened, leading to a reduction in hair growth. After completing the recommended number of sessions, many people experience permanent hair reduction.

Precision: Laser hair removal targets specific areas, allowing for precise treatment. This is particularly useful for large areas like the back, where hair removal can be challenging and time-consuming with other methods.

Reduced ingrown hairs: Shaving and waxing can often lead to ingrown hairs, especially on areas like the back where reaching can be difficult. Laser hair removal reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs since it targets the hair follicle directly, preventing hair from growing back.

Minimally invasive: Laser hair removal is a minimally invasive procedure that typically involves minimal discomfort. While some people may experience temporary redness or slight discomfort during treatment, it is generally well-tolerated and has few side effects.

Time-saving: Since laser hair removal offers long-lasting results, it saves time in the long run compared to traditional methods. Instead of needing frequent shaving or waxing sessions, you can achieve smooth skin with fewer treatments over time.

Improved confidence: For many individuals, unwanted back hair can be a source of self-consciousness. Laser hair removal can boost confidence by providing a long-term solution for hair removal, leading to smoother, hair-free skin.

Customizable treatment plans: Laser hair removal treatments can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences. Your dermatologist or licensed technician can adjust the treatment parameters based on your skin type, hair color, and desired outcome, ensuring optimal results.

Overall, laser hair removal on the back can be a convenient and effective solution for those looking to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair in this area.

Laser Hair Removal Full Back

  • Amount paid never expires. Appointment required. Must sign waiver. Consultation required; non-candidates and other refund requests will be honored before service provided; appointments are typically scheduled every 6 weeks. Results vary, depending on skin and hair type, and color, as well as medical condition. Laser Hair removal is not effective on blond and grey hair. New clients must fill out consent forms prior to the first appointment. Subject availability. Merchant's standard cancellation policy applies (any fees not to exceed voucher price). Valid only for option purchased.

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